2011 Finamac Pro 18 - $12,000 (Machine & Cooling Tower) - Houston, Texas

by Joe Montalbano
(Houston, TX USA)

Pro 18

Pro 18

7/1/11 - Semiautomatic equipment to produce ice cream on water base (pineapple, lemon etc.) or on milk base (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla etc).

Makes over 20 gallons per hour & 4 gallons per cycle.

Easy to clean, maintain, and use. The machine has an alarm that notifies you when the batch is done. It is incredibly effective for high volume production. The cooling tower allows for continuous batch production without taxing the machine. Without the cooling tower the machine takes about 20 minutes per cycle, with the cooling tower it takes approximately 5 minutes.

Energy Saving: The dasher system is designed to work continuously, avoiding the motor restart between each ice cream extraction. This procedure saves 20% energy compared to the equipment with traditional dashers

Safety and Hygiene: The machine shuts off when the tilting frontal lid is accidentally opened. Lid easy to mount/dismount and clean

Machine is less than 1 year old. Condition is almost new (cannot say it's new as it has been used before).

Price includes Pro 18 and the cooling tower.

Shipping and handling additional or arrangements can be made for you to pick it up.

Contact Joe at 713-505-8278 or montalbano.joe@gmail.com.

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