Brand Ice Cream Push Carts & Bikes - Push Carts €1800 and Bikes €2800 - Ireland

by Darren

Ice Cream Tricycle

Ice Cream Tricycle

4/26/11 - The latest offering in mobile Ice Cream Vending, Dog eat Dog Inc has built these two Ice Cream Machines that you charge over night and have the freedom to move around the following day. The Push Cart is made up of a steel frame and handle, sitting on four heavy duty caster wheels with a choice of umbrella & logos of your own choosing. Our Ice Cream Bike comes with a freezer you charge up over night and choice of Umbrella & logos, all sitting on a genuine old fashion Dutch Tricycle. Price for these Units are Push Cart-€1800.00 and Tricycle-€2800.00. If you want more info regarding these units, please visit us at

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