Polar X-Press - Soft Serve Cones, Sundaes, Flurrys, Slush and More - Atwater, Ohio

by Angie
(Atwater, OH USA)

Polar X-Press mobile ice cream shop. Serving frozen fun! We're a mobile ice cream shop because our unique vehicle can serve:
* Delicious soft serve cones, choc/vanilla and twisted
* Assorted sundaes with fresh toppings
* Creamy, thick milkshakes
* Polar flurrys, with various candies blended in
* Foamy Root Beer and Orange Floats
* Slush and slush with ice cream
* Freshly made ice cream sandwiches, and more!
We do events!
* Parties
* Receptions
* Fund Raisers
* Corporate Events
* And More!!
Call us, we'll bring the ice cream shop to you! 877-626-1020.
Please visit us at www.PolarX-Press.com.

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